💜Hair Care & Growth Specialists💜

Shaunasee Spruiell

Shaunasee is a natural hair care specialist, most known for her healthy hair care practices, and her ability to help her clients achieve long lengths in a short time frame. Shaunasee started her own natural hair journey with no guidance 10 years ago and quickly began to see the challenges that natural hair care has. She began trying different products in hope of finding what worked best for her as every naturalista does. Starting her journey seemed to be more difficult than expected. Have you ever heard the phrase “natural hair isn’t for everybody” she heard that time and time again. She wondered how could naturally being yourself not be for you? Which is why she now takes pride in giving others confidence in their curls. With the launch of her very own products you to can have great success!

 Ashley Washington

Ash has been doing Natural hair for over 10 years. Taking on the challenge of clients with ”my hair won’t grow” and/or “Natural is too much to manage.” I have showed and proved taming and growing our natural curls can and will be rewarding! Following precise hair care regimens and healthy hair care habits you too can have long and healthy hair. It is satisfying and my pleasure to assist everyone who sits in my chair to feel beautiful and confident with the Natural beauty they were gifted.