Product FAQs

1. How long is shipping? 7 to 10 business days including processing time.

2. Are the products safe for kids? Our products are safe for kids and great for men as well.

3. If I am not natural can I use your products? All hair types and textures can use and benefit from our products.

4. What products do you recommend are a must have? The Grow & Strengthen Leave in conditioner, the hair growth oil and the chebe butter are must haves.

Salon FAQs

1. How do I need to arrive to my appointment? Please arrive to your scheduled appointment "shampoo ready" meaning that any previous style has been taken down and pre-detangled. (If time permits additional fees will apply and or appointment will be canceled).

2. Do you service kids? We service kids starting at 3 years old as long as they are "salon ready" meaning they will allow us to service them with minimal distractions.

3. How do I check in for my appointment? Please download the vagaro app prior to your appointment. Sign in with the email account you created your profile with and view appointments right before your appointment time a blue check in button will populate under appointment details. Once checked in the app will notify your specialist and it will then notify you once your specialist is ready to start your service.

4. Where can I find the link to fill out the COVID-19 Waiver? Click the menu button, then click book us and the scroll down to the waiver. Or copy and paste this link: https://slayavenew.com/pages/covid-19-waiver-release-gor

5. Do you offer sew ins or quick weave styles? No we do not offer these styles please refer to the service tab through our booking link to see what services are offered.